Each tour will start with a guided drive around the historic town of Te Aroha. You will learn about the rich history and wild geology of the area. We will also visit a historic gold mining settlement. 

Once at the Waihou River, you will be given your water equipment and expert instructions on how to navigate your kayak  down the river safely.

During your Waihou River kayak tour, don’t forget to keep a sharp eye out for the wide variety of bird life which live on and around the river.

Be sure to look up during your tour and take in the majestic views of the Kaimai ranges and Mt Te Aroha.

River tours run twice a day:

9.00 AM AND 1.30PM

A third tour at 5.00PM runs during the summer months.

River Tours

Classic Adventure Tour 

Escape from the world and let the river take you on a journey. Our traditional kayak tour will provide you with majestic views of the Kaimai mountain ranges. 

This is perfect for all ages and fitness levels.


Approximate duration of the trip is 2.5 - 3 hours. 

  • The self-guided river component of this is typically 1.5 hours on the river.


  • $59 Adult

  • $39 Child under 16 yrs

  • $179 family 2 adult 2 children.

What To Bring? 

Warm days:

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses.

Cooler days:

  • Warm clothing.

Every day:

  • Big smile!

See terms and conditions for more details.


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